Spa Services

Our spa services are a perfect complement to any of our weight loss, skincare or wellness programs to further achieve that healthy, glowing appearance.

Lavish Custom Spray Tanning

Voted #1 airbrush tanning system in Allure Magazine, “Lavish” spray tans offers a unique, customized tanning experience! The majority of organic solutions is made from carrot, or beet extract: which results in orange & un-natural undertones. Lavish Tan’s formula uses organic apples, which oxidize into a golden brown color eliminating the risk of any orange, or red coloration. The brown sugar derived from apples gives the skin the most natural-looking color as well as eliminating the “yucky spray tan smell”! The tanning formula is CUSTOMIZED for any skin tone by adding “darkening” drops to the solution, allowing you to achieve the perfect color no matter how light or dark. Lavish spray tan has been featured in multiple magazines like Cosmopolitan and Allure as well as on The Doctors TV Show as the best airbrush solution to mask cellulite, stretch marks, and rosacea. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Megan Fox LOVE Lavish. Try it today and YOU can look as good as Hollywood!

$35 per session

Make-Up Services

Our professional make-up artists love using Glo as our feature product for makeup services. The choice is simple and here’s why…….

*Non-comedogenic,allows the skin to breathe;won’t clog pores

*Talc-free and Paraben free

*Has UVA and UVB broad-spectrum SPF protection

*Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like green tea to calm redness associated with skin conditions such as Rosacea

*Triple-Milled to provide even, flawless coverage with long-lasting wear

*Contains powerful antioxidant blends of pharmaceutical-grade Vitamins A, C E

*Cruelty free…is not tested on animals

*Our brides love Glo because it gives a natural finish and provides complete coverage of imperfections without looking “cakey”

Full Make-up Application……..$75

Airbrush Make-Up Application….$125

On-site Services Available

Calling all brides, this one’s for you! First off, congratulations! Second, if you’re stressed out over your wedding day makeup, we’re here to calm your fears. We sat down with Glo Skin Beauty Sr. Makeup Artist and Educator, Janeena Billera, to pick her brain on everything from trending looks to DIY help.

Glo Skin Beauty: With so many directions that you can take your wedding day makeup, what are some of the top bridal trends we’re seeing this year?

Janeena Billera: There’s really three main trends that we’re seeing on brides right now: Minimalist, Classic and Modern. The Minimalist Bride pulls in some of the boho-feeling but is more wearable for a wide variety of weddings. Lots of neutral shades and expertly placed individual lashes. The Classic bride is just that- classic. This traditional look is such an easy choice because it looks great on everyone and really pulls the entire bridal look together without taking away from the rest of the overall vibe. The Modern bride is a little more adventurous than the other two but can be such an interesting take on wedding day makeup. This might include a bold lip shade (poppy orange, anyone?) or a graphic liner.

It goes without saying, but makeup trends tend to spill over to wedding dresses, which is why you’re more likely to see a Modern bride in a white jumpsuit than a strapless ballgown dress. Take into account your entire vision for the day when thinking about your makeup.

GSB: As a makeup artist, which trend is your favorite to work on?

JB: Definitely the Minimalist bride. The look is so effortless and chic and really plays up the bride’s natural features.

GSB: When brides meet with their artist for the first time, is it better for them to have a look in mind or should they let the artist create something for them?

JB: It’s always helpful when brides have a look in mind or even a color palette that they feel suits their skin. Whether you bring in inspiration pictures, pictures of yourself when you loved your makeup, or even pictures that you absolutely hate (assuming you’re able to pinpoint what you don’t like about the looks) gives your artist a good starting place. From there, you can work through the trial to sort out the details of what you do and don’t want for your big day. Usually all of this will be accomplished at the trial run but sometimes trials aren’t included in wedding makeup packages/aren’t in the budget. If that’s the case, it’s important to have this inspiration on hand on the day of your wedding so that your artist has a direction to go in.

GSB: It sounds like the trial is a really big part of the preparation aspect! What are some tips for a successful trial run?

JB: Aside from having your inspo like we talked about earlier, it’s helpful if you are able to talk about your whole look for your wedding, from your hair and nails to your dress and shoes. All of these tiny details help the artist get a better idea of who you are and the look you’re trying to achieve. If you don’t have any other details sorted out yet, you might want to hold off on your trial. Many artists encourage waiting until your wedding is within 3 months, that way you have all the details sorted out. Not to mention, you won’t have as much time to think about possibly changing your look!

Another tip I tell brides is to limit the number of guests that accompany you. You may have brought your whole entourage to your dress fitting but you should try and limit your makeup trial to just one additional person, or even go alone. Having too many people can unintentionally sway your opinions, which isn’t helpful for anyone. Your artist cares about making sure YOU’RE happy on YOUR big day, not wedding party.

Finally, start off more natural and gradually increase. You can always add more product but it’s hard to take it off once it’s on. You might be surprised (in a good way!) at how something looks, but you’d never know it if you go straight to a full face. On the flip side, if wearing a lot of makeup makes you uncomfortable, make sure you voice those opinions! Your artist is there to bring out your best features and make you feel like you. It’s more about the technique and placement than the amount of product that will make your wedding day makeup picture perfect.

GSB: Being prepared can really help in more ways than one. Seeing as we are a skincare company too, let’s talk about day of skin preparation. Should brides come with their skincare routine completed or leave it up to the artists to provide skincare products?

JB: If you’re someone that has a specific skincare routine, stick to it to an extent. Skip the rich creams and traditional SPFs but don’t ditch your routine entirely. Focus on lightweight hydration and make sure that the products you use sit well under makeup. Sometimes product formulas can interact and ball up on the skin, which would not be a good look for those close up portraits! Your artist should come stocked with lightweight moisturizers, eye creams and manual exfoliants but if you’re at all concerned, feel free to chat with them at your trial or just bring your own products (just in case).

GSB: Alright, let’s get to the nitty gritty, how much does bridal makeup cost? And what about bridesmaids?

JB: There are lots of different factors that affect pricing, including market, location and artist experience but generally, you can expect to spend between $250 and $650 for a day of and trial package. For bridesmaids, artists tend to charge between $50-$85. If you want your ‘maids to have their makeup done, make sure to talk to your artist beforehand, as they may need to bring in an assistant to help cut down on time.

GSB: Speaking of time, how early does everyone need to get ready? And in what order?

JB: I usually like to schedule about 60-75 min for the bride and 30-45 min per bridesmaid. Brides should go 2nd or 3rd to last, that way, they’re fresh for pictures. Not to mention, they won’t have to worry about artists potentially being rushed at the end. When the bride is done a little early, they’re able to take portraits while the wedding party is still getting ready. It’s helpful to work backwards from when everyone needs to be fully ready, that way, you’ll know when to start. Your artist and/or wedding planners can help determine the best time for everyone to get started!

GSB: It seems like hiring a professional can take up a significant portion of your time and budget! Any tips for brides wanting to do their own makeup on their big day?

JB: While it can absolutely save you money, doing your own makeup can get pretty hectic. If you really want to go that route, make sure you’re prepared! Start by practicing your look multiple times to ensure you know how much time to schedule. Even still, make sure to add some buffer time since you’ll likely be doing lots of other things that day. You’ll want to perfect your look as best as possible beforehand so that you’re comfortable applying day of. Research products that offer long wearability so you aren’t making touch-ups every hour and make sure you’re comfortable using them. When the time comes, take a breath, pour yourself a drink, put on your favorite music and enjoy the moment. It’s always helpful to have someone nearby to ward off distractions.

However, if you’re debating whether or not to use a pro, I always recommend hiring a pro. With them, everything is out of your hands and you can just relax and enjoy the day. You’ll have enough to worry about and doing your makeup doesn’t have to be on that list.

GSB: Okay, last one! What is your #1 tip for brides on their wedding day?

JB: The biggest thing I tell my brides is to really be in the moment. The whole day speeds by so fast it’s just not worth it to worry over things you can’t change. Nobody else knows what’s supposed to be happening, so if something gets off track, just let it go! Brides worry about everyone else but rarely take time to truly enjoy their day. You’ve spent months planning this special day, you might as well take advantage of it!

Aromatic Body Polish-A full-body sugar scrub application to polish dull, dry skin. Hot towels are used to infuse aromatic oils into the skin and remove sugar granules. The rich body butter is applied afterward to soften and hydrate your newly fresh and exfoliated skin! A great pairing with our Lavish spray tan! $75

Back facial- A wonderful treatment to treat problematic skin conditions on the back such as psoriasis and acne. Cleansing treatment with Clarisonic steam exfoliation along with black sea mud mask and light, hydrating massage. $85

Infrared Sauna session-An effective tool for natural healing and detoxification of the body. $1 per minute


The skin is a major eliminative organ and sweating enhances the skin elimination process. An infrared sauna heats the body with radiant heat and profuse sweating begins quickly. The surrounding air in the sauna, however, remains comfortable and warm, resulting in a pleasant experience.Steam, hot water, and traditional saunas operate at temperatures of over 170 F, which can be difficult to tolerate for more than a few minutes. Infrared saunas remain at 145 F to 155 F, so one can spend longer periods in the healing sauna while listening to music and reading. While hot tubs are good to a point, sweating is less than in an infrared sauna and the body absorbs chemicals from the water. Everyone is exposed to heavy metals and toxic chemicals today. Regular use of an infrared sauna is an excellent way to detoxify the body. Infrared heat penetrates several inches deep into joints and muscles. This increases metabolism and allows body cells to eliminate toxins more readily in the sweat. Infrared light is completely natural and safe. Its dry, warming energy is highly compatible with human tissue. Infrared saunas provide all the benefits of natural sunlight without the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.


Detoxification: Did you know that some doctors refer to the skin as our “third kidney” because it is such an effective tool of elimination and detoxification? Toxins become stored in fat cells, but the deep, penetrating infrared light and heat can remove potential carcinogenic heavy metals such as mercury, lead, alcohol, nicotine, sodium, and sulfuric acid, to name a few. Regular sauna use will enhance immune system responses.

Weight Control:

You can burn up to 600 calories per sauna session and aid in correcting metabolic imbalances that were causing poor digestion and weight gain. Toxins stored in fat are decreased, which also makes weight loss easier. The sauna will increase your pulse and metabolic rate. Cellulite removal or reduction is also possible because fat becomes water-soluble at 110 F, releasing subcutaneous fat with every session. The sauna can become an invaluable tool for weight loss when paired with a sensible diet and exercise program!

Pain Relief:

The infrared sauna can reduce pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms, shoulder pain, neck and back pain, sprains, and reduce scar tissue adhesion.

Skin Cleansing and Rejuvenation:

The sauna can open up pores, allowing for the removal of dirt, oil, and makeup. In addition, there are improvements in skin problems such as acne, rashes, burns, eczema, and psoriasis. Scars, even keloids, may be gradually softened.

Advice and Warnings:

If you have any of the following conditions please get your doctor’s approval before visiting the sauna:

*Prescription drugs of any kind may interact with the infrared light and heat. Please see a doctor for possible side effects.

*If you have silicone or any sort of surgical implants, please consult your doctor prior to use.


*You have any conditions associated with adrenal suppression

*You have Systemic Lupus

*You have a pacemaker. Check with a doctor regarding other implanted devices.

*You have Erythematosus

*You have Multiple Sclerosis

*You’ve had recent joint injuries (within 48 hours) or swollen joints of any kind

*You are pregnant or nursing

*During menstruation, as it may increase blood flow

*You have Hemophilia or are predisposed to hemorrhage

*You experience any Pain during your session. If you do experience pain or discomfort of any kind, discontinue use right away. You will not be charged for unused time.

NOTE: If you become nauseous, feel weak, tired, or become clammy, discontinue use right away. If you stop sweating, GET OUT as this could be an initial stage of heatstroke. Please ensure that you are properly hydrated prior to your sauna session. Drink plenty of water!!! You will also be provided water during the session.


*Drink 12 ounces of water prior to your session.

*Start with 20 minutes minute sessions and gradually increase your time from there.

*For best results, use at least 2 times per week.

*At any point, should you become uncomfortable, please come out.

*Most importantly, relax and enjoy your sauna session!!

Shake Fit Machine- Our Shake Fit machines are designed to help aid in the lymphatic drainage of fat cells that settle in the troubled cellulite areas of the body. The re-distribution of fat cells allows the body to secrete the access water through sweat or urine thereby boosting weight loss. $1 per minute.