HCG Diet


Our program can help you safely lose up to 30 pounds in 30-45 days!Most patients will lose between ½ – 1 lb per day. The main ingredient in the program is the naturally occurring hormone, known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, commonly referred to as HCG. HCG is a naturally occurring hormone the body produces during pregnancy. HCG is very important to the health of the mother and the fetus during pregnancy and regulates many functions in the body.

There is a tremendous interest in HCG for weight loss. HCG along with a VLCD, (very low calorie diet) is rapidly becoming the “go-to diet” for those who want to lose weight safely and effectively. The Modern HCG Diet has been featured on: Dr. Oz, Oprah, The Doctors, CNN, ABC Good Morning America, NBC Today Show, FOX News etc.

How many calories can I have during the HCG Diet? Will I be extremely hungry during this program?

The program allows for you to consume 500 calories per day. The way your body metabolizes and burns fat is the reason the low calorie diet along with the HCG is so effective for rapid weight loss.

At De La Belle, we have designed an effective method of combining our HCG program along with our Lipovite/ B-12 injections (amino acids/energy) to ensure that our patients experience minimal discomfort from the effects of being hungry as well as providing energy to help aid in the weight loss process. . With our HCG/Lipovite combination, stored fat is being released into the blood stream and provides all of the calories and nutrients that the body needs.

HCG injections will keep you from losing muscle while you diet. During a fast and dramatic weight loss program it is extremely important to prevent muscle loss. In fact, it promotes a “pure fat” loss approach and will protect muscle mass and in many patients actually help increase muscle mass.

During this 28- day program, you will be provided with the necessary tools and education to ensure your success with HCG. We recommend you consult with our Nurse Practitioner before starting this program to discuss whether this is the right diet plan for you.

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