Most men do not realize how beneficial facials are for balancing skin issues like redness and irritation, reducing acne and enlarged pores, and combating the effects of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

What is a facial?

At its most basic, a facial is “a treatment performed by a licensed professional in order to address skin issues”.

A simple treatment involves a consultation followed by a facial cleansing, mild exfoliation, 10-15 minute masking time, light massage, moisturizer and SPF protection

However, at De La Belle we provide a comprehensive experience to any facial treatment. After completing your paperwork, you will have a thorough skin care analysis provided during your consultation.  A recommended treatment plan will be presented to you as well as the recommended treatment for targeting your skin care concerns that day. We have an extensive service menu consisting of medical facials, chemical peels and dermabrasion facials. Because our process is more comprehensive, we ensure successful-long-term results with each treatment. Visit the facials section of our website to learn more.


At De La Belle Wellness & Spa, we provide an extensive menu of facial services for men because we understand that sometimes, men like to be pampered too. Using powerful medical-grade skin care products, our facial treatments can help you diminish wrinkles, acne and inflammation for more youthful and healthy-looking skin. Our facial services for men include:

Calming Facial

If your skin is sensitive and prone to inflammation, irritation and redness, our Calming Facial works to calm, soothe and replenish your skin for an even complexion. This 60-minute facial treatment will clean and smooth your skin and includes a tension massage for sore muscles.

Collagen Facial

As you get older, collagen slowly diminishes in the skin and leads to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging tissues. The Collagen Facial works to slow the aging process and replenish your skin’s collagen supply through a topical collagen application. This 60-minute treatment will leave your skin looking more youthful and supple with fewer lines, wrinkles and laxity.

De La Belle Signature Facial

Available in both 30-minute and 60-minute treatments, the De La Belle Signature Facial works to exfoliate the surface of the skin to remove debris and impurities from your pores. After exfoliation, men can choose between a skin-hydrating or oil-absorbing mask to put the finishing touches on their skin while one of our talented aestheticians performs a tension-relieving massage.

Express Facial

This quick 30-minute facial is perfect for men on-the-go. The convenient Express Facial cleans, renews and refreshes your skin without taking too much time from your day-to-day schedule. If you’d like to achieve glowing and healthy skin fast, this facial treatment is for you.

Signature 4-Layer Facial

Our Signature 4-Layer Facial offers men four unique layers of powerful ingredients designed to hydrate, tighten and clear-up the skin. If you wish to firm-up skin that is displaying signs of laxity or smooth away lines and wrinkles, this is the facial treatment for you. The potent formulation of this 60-minute facial works to speed up cellular turnover and tighten your skin right before your eyes for a more youthful and supple complexion.

Teen Facial

The Teen Facial was formulated with male teenage skin in mind. This treatment works to deeply clean clogged pores as well as calm redness and breakouts caused by hormones and stress. It also works to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and rosacea for a brighter and smoother complexion.

Back Facial

The Back Facial was designed to treat common skin concerns that occur on the back, from acne to psoriasis. Using our Clarisonic steam to open and clear out clogged pores and an exfoliating black sea mud mask to extract impurities, you can reduce the appearance of back blemishes and feel confident taking off your shirt at the beach or gym once again.

To learn more about what our facial treatments can do for your skin concerns, contact De La Belle Wellness & Spa today at 901-433-9024 to schedule your facial consultation.