Venus Legacy

body contouring patient

Aging makes it increasingly difficult to maintain a trim and toned physique. As the skin slows its collagen production and dietary fat becomes more difficult to lose, the development of lax skin, wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite occur on the body. Venus Legacy is a nonsurgical body contouring technology that utilizes thermal energy to boost collagen production and break down stubborn fat cells beneath the skin. With quick, comfortable and pain-free treatments, Venus Legacy can effectively help men eliminate signs of aging in the skin and sculpt a smoother, trimmer figure by reducing fat cells.

Safe for all skin tones and types, the Venus Legacy offers men treatments for:

  • Noninvasive body contouring
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Stretch mark reduction
  • Skin tightening

Venus Legacy uses both multipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy and pulsed electromagnetic fields to generate heat directly under your skin’s surface. This dual thermal energy helps to shrink the volume of fat cells and reduce the overall circumference of your treated areas while naturally increasing collagen and elastin fibers. It can be used virtually anywhere on the face, neck and body to create the smooth and sleek appearance you desire.

If you wish to tighten skin, reduce unwanted wrinkles and enhance the contours of your body, Venus Legacy is a superior noninvasive treatment that can help men achieve their body goals. To learn more about Venus Legacy and what it can do for you, contact the De La Belle office today at 901-433-9024 to schedule your consultation.