Rockstar Rehydrate IV Therapy

Partied like a rockstar or just need to rehydrate? We’ve all been there — after a night out with friends, the morning greets you with a pounding headache and an overwhelming feeling of nausea. Or maybe you’re an athlete who needs to rehydrate after an intense workout, but your body is demanding more than just…

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botox patient

What is Botox?

By Renee Pinlac, MSN, FNP Botox is a toxin produced by bacteria. It belongs to a class of drugs called neurotoxins, which relax muscles by decreasing nerve signals to those muscles. BOTOX, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin contain botulinum toxin type A as their active compound and are all FDA-approved to treat the same aesthetic concerns.…

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maskne from facemasks

What is Maskne? How to Get Rid of Breakouts Caused by Face Masks

Now that protective face masks are the norm, so is a form of acne most people are just learning about: “maskne.” What is maskne? Technically called acne mechanica, this type of skin issue is caused by repeated friction, pressure, and irritation from using face coverings regularly. As you can guess, the breakouts typically occur right where…

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eyelash extensions


It’s summer!…pools, parties, summer sports and trips to the beach, if you’re lucky…but what about your lashes? Contrary to popular belief, eyelash extensions are perfect summer wear. We recommend splurging on a set of extensions right before a vacation, so you can enjoy all that summer has to offer, without having to worry about running mascara, or untamed…

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skincare tips

The 5 Best Summer Skincare Tips

Summer 2020 is not going to be like previous summers. You might find you’re spending more time indoors than out. Regardless, your skincare regimen is not going to change much. That’s because applying sunscreen is just as important when you’re inside as when you’re out (we’ll get to that more later), and cleansing, exfoliating and…

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6 Reasons to Get a Facial(Among So Many More)

At De La Belle, No matter what kind of facial you get, you’ll get benefits well beyond anything you can do at home. Here are 6 fantastic reasons one should get a professional facial 1. Facials are a Power Wash for Your Face Facials have been used for generations as ways to detox and that’s…

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Best Vitamins and Supplements to Promote Healthy and Glowing Skin

According to records from the American Academy of Dermatology, acne affects over 50 million people each year, psoriasis affects 7.5 million, and rosacea affects 16 million. An average of 9,500 people per day face a new skin cancer diagnosis. These statistics aren’t surprising. Skin is our first line of defense against the environment. The sun…

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