Brows have been a part of the fashion industry for decades. In the 20’s, it was a pencil thin and straight line for brows sported by famous “Betty’s” like Anna May Wong or Clara Bow. In the 40’s, it was the the iconic high arch that become a trademark of Joan Crawford’s style. Flash forward to the 90’s and the return of the over-tweezed pencil thin brow (part 2) re-emerges in the fashion world again. But for most of the 2,000’s, we notice that the untouched “natural-look” has dominated the last 2 decades. In the last few years it seemed that the creativity of enhancing or changing the appearance of your brows resulted by the use of waxing, tweezing or the occasional tattooing . But there is now a third, more micro-detailed option of enhancing brows.

That’s where Microblading comes in.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that places special pigments under the top layer of the skin.The result is tiny hair-like strokes that create natural and fuller-looking eyebrows.

Creating the brows you have always wanted, no matter the shape, size and color is now in the hands of our skillful and professional team of brow artists.

Think of Microblading as a tattoo, but not as deep. The brow artist uses a pen-like tool outfitted with seven to 16 (or more) micro-needles in various configurations. Micro-needles are so tiny that they can’t be seen in detail by the naked eye, so they can realistically mimic brow hairs by creating thin strokes. The artist may also use a shading technique that involves “plucking” the skin to deposit the ink manually.

How long does the treatment take?

We require a consultation ahead of making your initial first application appointment so you can have a thorough consult/analysis with our Microblading artist prior to your first treatment. The consult includes paperwork, consultation, and developing a plan for the brow shape you’d like to go for. This process takes about 30 minutes. For your first hands-on treatment, the average treatment takes around 90 mins. Some people may need a 2 hour session. Subsequent treatments are usually around 60 mins.

How does it feel?

At your application appointment, you’ll have a numbing cream or other agent (like lidocaine) applied to the brow area for 30 mins prior to the microblading.

There is minimal discomfort during the procedure. The use of medical grade numbing cream penetrates well into the skin that is microbladed so you feel as little discomfort as possible. After the procedure you may feel some discomfort as your skin b

egins to heal such as minor swelling, soreness/tenderness or itching. Your brow artist will give you specific instructions on how to take care of your brows to ensure minimal discomfort and side eeffects post procedure.

Am I a candidate for microblading?

Most people can have microblading done, however your skin should be somewhat healthy prior to the procedure. If you have had any recent surgeries, are taking certain medications, have pustule acne breakouts or are currently sick, we may recommend waiting a certain period of time for your health to return before performing a microblading procedure on you. Your brow artist will discuss this more in detail during your consultation.

Can I have microblading done even if I have no brows?

Yes, we absolutely look forward to giving you natural looking brows. You will love having your brows back!

How long will my results last?

Microbladed brows usually last anywhere from 12-18 months on average which is why they are considered semi-permanent. Some factors may result in your brows fading faster like using exfoliaters over your brows, oily skin, or excessive sun exposure.

How much does microblading cost?

The cost of the microblading procedure is different for everyone. It depends on the amount of treatments a person needs (some brows require 2 or 3 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart). It also depends on the experience of the artist and the amount of time it takes to perform the treatment.

Consultations are complimentary and we recommend making an appointment with our artist to discuss those details.