Dr. Christopher Sharp, MD

Dr. Christopher Sharp, MD graduated from LSU with his MD in 2008 and then completed his training in Anesthesiology from University of Washington in Seattle in 2012. After completing his training in Seattle Dr. Sharp and his family moved to Memphis where he became part of the Anesthesia Staff at Regional One Health. From 2012 – 2015 Dr. Sharp specialized in Trauma and Regional Anesthesia. In 2015 Dr. Sharp became the Medical Director of Out-Patient services at Regional One and started an Interventional/Chronic Pain Practice at Regional One. In 2017, Dr. Sharp decided to join East Memphis Anesthesia Services and started to specialize in Ambulatory Surgery Centers and is currently the Director of Anesthesia at Campbell Clinic. Outside of the practice of Anesthesia Dr. Sharp is currently the President of the Tennessee Society of Anesthesiologist as well as a member of the National Committees of Ethics and Committee of Ambulatory Surgery Center Care.